Cliff Wilson

Cliff bio pic.png

Cliff Wilson is one of the top physique coaches in the industry, having established himself through his work with competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters. Using a combination of scientifically proven methods and newer, experience driven techniques, Cliff's clients have amassed over 60 pro cards, dozens of professional titles, and multiple world champions since 2010. Cliff earned his pro status as a natural bodybuilder in 2016 and currently holds pro status with the NGA and IPE. 

His reputation as a coach  and athelte has also allowed him to become a noted fitness author with articles published in dozens of magazines and websites. Besides his work with physique athletes and in print, Cliff is also a noted guest speaker, giving lectures across the US and internationally. He is also co-owner of The Physique Summit, which is the largest science based bodybuilding conference in the US, and a sponsored athlete with 1st Phorm.