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Fantastic webinar!!! Especially on the topic of macros, flexible eating, refeeds and of course how to pair all that with the ultimate training to get the best results. Thanks! and keep them coming :)
— Sandy, USA
Keep on doing what you do and please let me know about future seminars.
— Max, Germany
Awesome webinar - thanks for putting it together. 
The longer replay cycle was also super helpful - especially when living in the Southern Hemisphere. It meant I could sit down and really watch it and take notes, not just rush through it.
— Rachel, New Zealand
Thank you for hosting the seminar. Eric and Lyle did an amazing job and I learnt a lot. I’m looking forward to more seminars in the future.
— Amanda, Canada
I think you all did a great job.
Keep the webinars coming and stay focused on the quality.
Other than that, make sure you keep me on your mailing list for future webinars.
— Peter, Slovenia

Thanks for the info the other day. Just wanted to say well done on another awesome seminar. Really well put together and great content. Thanks
— Andrew, UK

What the speakers said...

I was asked to give a seminar on women’s fat loss with Eric Helms, with my focus being the physiology and his being the practical application.  
Working with the Fitprodevelopment team was a pleasure. They made sure to set up everything perfectly. The seminar ran flawlessly and I couldn’t have had a better experience.
— Lyle McDonald
Steven and Joe do a great job of establishing a platform from which to deliver an online seminar. They are responsive, collaborative, and also organized, all of which in combination allow for the seamless creation of an experience that your audience will enjoy. They take care of the organizational details, help you develop a promotional strategy, and ensure the technical side of the presentation is squared away so you can focus your efforts on generating your content.
— Eric Helms