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What they said...

Thank you for hosting the webinar. It was excellent.
— Mark, USA
Brad and Alan were excellent. Really well put together and great content. 
— Andrew, UK
The very best information I’ve come across regarding training and nutrition for muscle growth.
— Matt, USA
Alan and Brad exceeded my already high expectations!
— Dominic, Sweden
It was amazing, thanks Steven!
— Nicole, Netherlands
Thanks very much guys. I particularly enjoyed Alan’s new formulas and Brad’s segment on periodisation.
— Tom, UK
Brilliant stuff. Complex science in plain English. I look forward to your future seminars.
— Natalie, Australia

What the speakers said...

I had a great experience working with FitProDevelopment. Everything was done in a professional manner. The chance to work with Alan Aragon is always a privilege and initially drew me to the opportunity.  Thereafter, Joe and Steven were easy to work with and always accommodating. I’d highly recommend FitPro to anyone wishing to do a webinar. 
— Brad Schoenfeld
Steven and Joe are excellent hosts. The process was smooth and professional from start to finish. Pairing me up with Brad to cover the exercise science & practice of hypertrophy was a great move, since this aligns with one of my dearly beloved topics, which is optimizing jackedness through nutritional science - both theory and of course application. I really liked how the format of the talks was organized, and I really enjoyed the experience. 
— Alan Aragon