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Actually surprised how much I got from James’s talk. I really wasn’t expecting to get much out of it but I took a lot of new information away from his talk.

As always Lyle is fascinating to listen to. You always get new information listening to him even though I have listened to most of his recent podcasts. I still went away with new information.
— Dianne, Australia
Humour will always go far in making it entertaining!

— Jen, USA
I really expanded my knowledge in these areas.
— Daniel, Israel
I couldn’t get enough. I could have listened to them talk for hours.
— Jamie, Ireland
It was amazing, thanks Steven!
— Nicole, Netherlands
At first, I thought it was easy and that I didn’t learn too much, but on replay, I appreciated just how much I took in. His delivery was very natural and not forced, well paced, content deceptively crammed in. My trainer is impressed with me banging on about increasing NEAT.

This was had core learning; I had to work hard through this. There’s no doubting Lyle is a leading authority on fat loss. I replayed this a few times there was so much info to absorb, and I’ve since borrowed a couple of books on physiology and biochemistry to refresh my memory. I enjoyed his style of delivery very much, I felt chuffed that I learned so much, he was funny, and his mutt provided some light relief.
— Margaret, UK

What the speakers said...

Working with FitProDevelopment was an outstanding experience. Everything from the setup to the organization to the format and process was top notch. I would recommend FitPro webinars both to professionals wanting to do webinars, as well as individuals looking to further their knowledge and education.
— James Krieger
I was asked to give a seminar stubborn fat loss, with my focus being the physiology and his being the practical application.
Working with the Fitprodevelopment team was a pleasure. They made sure to set up everything perfectly. The seminar ran flawlessly and I couldn’t have had a better experience.
— Lyle McDonald