The Speakers


Lyle mcdonald


Webinar Outline


Lyle's overview

1. Not Just Little Men

Lack of comparative/female research until 70's-80's

Men overrepresented in research EXCEPT for weight loss studies

Biological differences in everything

Social vs. biological factors


2. The Menstrual Cycle

Follicular phase

Luteal phase


3. Hormonal Modifiers

Birth control





Menopause (w or w/o HRT)


4. Body comp Differences/Measurement

LBM vs. BF%

Fat distribution

Menstrual cycle effects


5. Metabolic Differences


Nutrient metabolism during and after meals

Nutrient metabolism during and after training


6. Fat Gain and Fat Loss


7. Menstrual Cycle Disruption

Luteal phase defect, anovulation oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea


Energy Availability (EA) as primary cause

Fat loss, exercise, stress, fiber, fat intake


8. Fixing the Problems

Gradual vs. Extreme Changes

Limiting Hormonal Changes

Enhancing Fat loss


9. Common Nutritional Errors

Overemphasizing carbs to the exclusion of protein/fat (vegetarian/vegan diet)

Eliminate red meat/chick (zinc, iron deficiency)

Eliminate dairy (calcium deficiency)

Eliminate sodium (numerous effects)

Eric's overview

1. Coaching women through diets

         Different strategy for women vs men based on biological realities covered by Lyle


2. Diet setup

         Basic hierarchy of importance - pyramid


3. Energy balance

         Rate of weight loss and diet length


4. Macronutrient composition


         Special cases


5. Micronutrient composition

         Inclusive dieting vs exclusive dieting

         Consequences of micronutrient deficiency



6. Nutrient timing

         Daily – Meal Frequency

         Weekly – Refeeds/ICR

         Nutritional Periodization – Diet breaks


7. Flexible Dieting

What is it, where did it come from, what is it not?

How to implement it


8. Training Setup

         Basic hierarchy of importance – pyramid


9. Volume, intensity and frequency



10. Progression and measuring progress

         Basic concepts, integration with diet – deloads and testing


11. Exercise Selection



12. Tempo and Rest Periods


13. Powerlifting

         When is it appropriate to drop a weight class?

         Losing body fat vs reducing non tissue weight


14. Physique Competition

         Division differences



Webinar Excerpt