The Speakers




Webinar Outline


Brad's overview


1.     Taking an evidence-based approach

a.     Sources of knowledge

b.     The bro-science myth

c.     Blending art and science


2.     Basic considerations of program design

a.     Governing principles

b.     The role of genetics

c.     Responders vs non-responders

d.     The role of training experience


3.     Periodization basics

a.     Genesis of periodization

b.     Misconceptions about periodization

c.     Applicability of the General Adaptation Syndrome

d.     Deloading


4.     Periodization models

a.     Linear

b.     Non-linear

c.     Block

d.     Flexible


5.     What the research says

a.     Periodized vs non-periodized

b.     Linear vs Undulating

c.     Other research


6.     Practical applications

a.     Using the different models

b.     Manipulating variables for optimal effect

c.     Integrating step-loading

d.     Other considerations

Alan's overview


1. Setting realistic goals

a.  Status-specific rate of gain

b.  Individualizing the timeframes


2. Setting calories & macronutrient intake

       a.  Estimating total caloric requirement

b.  Individualizing the size and macronutrient composition of the caloric surplus


3. Nutrient timing

         a.  Protein, carb, & fat distribution through the day to maximize the anabolic response

b.  Linear versus nonlinear intake through the week

c.  Timing considerations for training performance


4. Supplementation for gaining mass

      a.   Well-established supplements

b.  Supplements with emerging potential



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