The Speakers

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Louise Burke

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Eric Helms

Webinar Outline


Louise's overview

1. Race Day Tactics

-      Updates on carb loading

-      Updates on race feeding

-      Hydration guidelines – finding a balance between advice for the elite, the serious and the recreational

-      Supplements that may assist

-      Comments on The 2 hour marathon

-      Comments on the marathon for the recreational athlete: is this really an ultra-endurance event?


2. Issues for Training

-      The LCHF diet: is it the future of elite endurance sport?

-      Periodising carbohydrate availability

-      Training the gut

-      Protein for endurance athletes

Eric's overview

1. Vegan and vegetarian diets, why? 


2. Vegan and vegetarian bodybuilding is it possible, is it optimal?


3. Macronutrient considerations for vegan/vegetarian bodybuilding


4. Micronutrient considerations for vegan/vegetarian bodybuilding