The Speakers

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Cliff Wilson

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laurin conlin

Webinar Outline


cliff's overview

1. Deciding to compete

- Inherent mentality differences between men and women when entering the sport


2. Choosing a division (bikini, figure or bodybuilding)

- Criteria for divisions

- Training age and muscle mass for divisions

- Body fat differences between caterories

- Choosing a division based on structure


3. Training for your category

- Exercises selection

- Muscle group emphasis 


4. Dieting for competition

- Prep time required to achieve your desired body fat level for your division

- Caloric and cardio differences for divisions

- Possible macronutrient ratio differences based on divisions


5. Tracking progress

- Scale

- Mirror

- Measurements


6. Peak Week

- Ideal carb load strategies based on division (front load, backload or midload)

- Water manipulations

- Sodium and potassium manupilation


7. Post Show

- Considerations for rate of gain and off-season body weight

- Battling the post-show blues


8. Designing your career

- How to flow from off-season, to prep, back to offseason

- Determining the amount of time off based on your division


9. Supplementation

- Supplementing based on budget

- Conditional supplements

laurin's overview


1. Being an athlete | What to expect on your journey to the stage

Off-season and prep 

Cost and time investment

Being realistic

Hiring a coach


2. Why compete?

    What is your end goal? 

    Managing expectations

3. Choosing a federation and category

Untested versus tested 

Structural, genetic and personal differences between divisions

4. Preparing for one show versus the competitive season

Your off-season and pre-dieting physique 

Recommended timeline 

5. Class expectation differences 





6. Backstage prep 

What to bring

What to expect

7. Social support

In person and social media relationships

Relationship strains 

Intrinsic motivation

8. Prep struggles

Physique and mental aspects

How to overcome them

9. Post-show ‘blues’

What they are

How to get through it

What not to do (another show)

10. Show day expectations

Morning of the show


The ‘gap’