The Details

Live on Saturday september 1st at 5:30-8:30pm BSt


live tickets will include a 72h 'weekend pass' to replay at your convenience.

72h 'weekend passes' for the following week will be available to purchase seperately.

The Speakers

stu bio pic.png

prof stuart phillips

mike bio pic copy.png

dr mike israetel

Webinar Outline


Stu's overview


A lighter approach to stimulating gains in muscle mass and strength

- The strength-endurance continuum: where does it come from?

- What’s the evidence underpinning the strength-endurance continuum?

- What evidence is there for lighter weights working to enhance gains in muscle mass?

- What are/are not the mechanisms for stimulating hypertrophy?

- What light weights can’t do!

- Why lifting light isn’t easy

- Wrapping it up

mike's overview


- Special Sports Supplements: Use Guidelines

- Nutrition Landscape Differences

- Nutrition Application Changes

- Training Landscape Differences

- Training Application Changes